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Best EPS high quality helmet packers

Expanded polystyrene or EPS helmet packers ensures the world’s best quality helmets for riders. Having faced with many lab tests. EPS helmet packers has proved that it has the best durability and flexibility among all other products. So, be sure to use this and have a safe and comfortable experience. The EPS inside the helmet is user friendly and it settled in such a way that it will never be a cause of concern for the user. With ensuring safety and durability. All the mentioned products below are some products that have faced the test of time and challenge.

EPS Liner motorcycle helmet

It is very important for a rider to ensure both safety and comfort. As most of the accidents usually happen due to motorcycle reckless driving. One motorcycle rider must have the safety measures for himself/herself. EPS helmet Packers has EPS liner motorcycle helmet that has the capacity to provide you with the surety of safety. It also advances the facility for users for various purposes.

MIPS helmet

A MIPS helmet of EPS helmet packers provides you the safety protection of your brain that is the most sensible part of your body. A MIPS helmet cover the upper side of your head and make the safety tighter than any other helmets. To a cyclist it is very important to have a multi directional helmet that will be flexible and safe to use. And it can be direct in anyway and any case. Therefore, AASourcing's helmet packers has brought this MIPS helmet for you.

Bern helmet

A Bern helmet is a special type of helmet that has the fashion and durability both in it. I can be worn easily by both a cyclist and a biker, and it saves the rider from both sun and accidents’ injuries. During the ride, it may be so easy to wear and very fashionable to use. EPS helmet packers has made this helmet for the general users.

Motorcycle Helmet Styrofoam

A motorcycle helmet with Styrofoam is the most abundant product. You will see in the market as it is the most useful material to be used in helmet. It is used by the technology of EPS foam. Styrofoam is a kind of EPS foam and when it is used in a helmet pad. It makes the helmet suitable for a rider.

Bern Hard Hat

A Bern hard hat is very easy to wear helmet but this helmet with EPS technology has made this helmet more comfortable. The users may find it easier to wear when they will need. The inside EPS technology is able to lessen the rider’s sweat moreover it has insulating foam inside to provide an extra care equipment facility for the users.

ABS vs EPS helmet

An ABS helmet is tough and very strong, and it fits the head of the rider. But EPS helmet has the most advanced facilities and the inside EPS foam makes it more possible to save the wearer from any type of accidental situation. But because of being so tough, an ABS helmet is not capable of doing this. In fact, it can make certain injuries for the rider. Therefore, choice of EPS helmet will be the best choice of you for having a safe journey.

Koroyd Vs EPS

A koroyd helmet is testified helmet and there is no argument that it is a good helmet but EPS has taken the helmet to a new generation where injuries of riders are hardly seen. EPS technology makes the helmet more sustainable and it adjusts to any rider and it make them free. Moreover, it makes air go inside the helmet where a Koroyd Helmet is incapable. EPS had made this impossible to possible.

At last, EPS is insulating and thermal foam that is very useful for various purposes. It neither give any scope to overheat nor over cold. Therefore, EPS is the most recent attachment in the safety measures, especially for the helmets. Moreover, EPS has the most advance technology for the world to equip with various types of safety cautions.

Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) is a lightweight cellular plastic material consisting of small hollow spherical balls. It is this closed cellular construction that gives EPS its remarkable characteristics.

EPS is produced in a wide range of densities providing a varying range of physical properties. These are matched to the various applications, where the material is used to optimize its performance and strength.

Commonly used as insulation for walls, foundations and roofing, there are many benefits to selecting EPS products:

• Long-term R-Value (“R” is the resistance to heat flow)
• Energy efficiency
• Constant thermal resistance
• Measurable energy savings
• Strength
• Sustainability
• No growth of bacteria, nor will it decay over time
• Dimensional stability
• Chemical inertness
• Low cost

A cost efficient, high performing alternative to extruded (XPS) foam, EPS is the perfect choice for many insulation and construction applications.

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