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AASourcing is one of the best EPS products White Cork sheet manufacturing & Supplier Companies in Bangladesh, and an Expendable Polystyrene EPS products manufacturing industry. Since its establishment in 2013, we are serving our clients with our best manufacturing services. We manufacture products like EPS Sheets, EPS Pipe Insulation, EPS Sandwich Panels, PU Sandwich panels, EPS Cork sheets, White Cork sheets, PU Pipe Insulation, Battery boxes, and Fish boxes along with more world-class EPS products. We manufacture and Supply EPS Products All Over Bangladesh.

Let's Have a Look on EPS.

Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) is a lightweight cellular plastic material consisting of small hollow spherical balls. It is this closed cellular construction that gives EPS its remarkable characteristics.

EPS is produced in a wide range of densities providing a varying range of physical properties. These are matched to the various applications where the material is used to optimise its performance and strength.

Commonly used as insulation for walls, foundations and roofing, there are many benefits to selecting EPS products:

• Long-term R-Value (“R” is the resistance to heat flow)
• Energy efficiency
• Constant thermal resistance
• Measurable energy savings
• Strength
• Sustainability
• No growth of bacteria, nor will it decay over time
• Dimensional stability
• Chemical inertness
• Low cost

A cost efficient, high performing alternative to extruded (XPS) foam, EPS is the perfect choice for many insulation and construction applications.

EPS  is used widely in the sectors like building and construction industry,  packaging, plantation, safety etc.

Some Usage & Products are:

  1. Construction
  2. Building
  3. EPS Corksheet
  4. Food Packaging
  5. Egg Box
  6. Helmet
  7. Surfboards
  8. Battery Box
  9. Fish Box
  10. Sandwich panel
  11. Garments Sector.
  12. Pipe Insulation etc. 

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