Best EPS Sandwich Panel Supplier in Bangladesh

Best EPS Sandwich Panel

Best EPS Sandwich Panel

AA Sourcings is the best EPS Sandwich Panel Supplier in Bangladesh. We manufacture three types of EPS Panels: Sandwich Panel. Rockwool Panel, PU Panel.

Insulated sandwich panels are single piece factory engineered units typically comprised of two metal faces bonded to a fully insulating core.  The facings are fully bonded to the core so that the panel acts compositely when under load, in most cases, providing free standing and load bearing panels.

The majority of EPS panels manufactured in Bangladesh are made with an EPS core sandwiched between two Color bond steel facings.

EPS Panel is a proven construction material well-suited to the extremes of the Bangladeshi climate. It is a cost-effective, lightweight construction material with excellent insulation properties.

The advantages of EPS Panel include:

  1. High load bearing capacity at low weight
  2. Effective and durable thermal insulation
  3. Absolute water and vapor barrier
  4. Air-tightness for controlled environments
  5. Long life, low maintenance
  6. Lightweight, fast and economic construction
  7. Hygienic food grade finish
  8. Most cost effective insulation material available
  9. Bangladeshi manufacture permits shorter lead times and prompt delivery.

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